Educators–from helping you reflect on your beliefs about language to helping you plan a lesson, Language Snaps has plenty of resources for you (most of which are free!).

This page highlights some of our teacher-oriented services as well as ideas on how our materials can be used to help your students.

Embracing Bilingualism

Every student in every ESL class is bilingual–a fact that we celebrate. We help students and teachers reflect on ideas and myths about bilingualism, so we can all celebrate our languages.

We publish bilingualism snaps and Instagram Lives. We hope to create teacher workshops in the near future.

Reading & Discussion Club

Towards Awareness is a monthly program attended by students and teachers from around the world.

During meetings, we discuss readings related to language learning, diverse life experiences, and how to better understand one another. Stay up to date by joining our mailing list.

Classroom Materials

Snaps are a great way to boost your lesson plans. Whether assigned for individual practice or during guided tutoring, snaps introduce students to a variety of concepts and skills.

Select snaps based on level, genre, or learning focus (writing, reading, listening, or speaking) or browse our resources (grammar, vocabulary, collocations, and idiomatic expressions).

Teacher to Teacher Collabs

In addition to checking in with other educators on Instagram Live, we participate in interviews, discussions, and special projects. Here are our latest collaborations:

Discussion on “Crafting an Explicity Language Policy” with Monica and Dr. Pagán from Language Policy Consulting.

Interview with Monica, from Ruda-Peachey Education LTD on “How to Gain Confidence Speaking English

Podcast on language learning. Co-hosted by Monica and Ashwini. Available as snaps, on SoundCloud, and on Spotify.