Backpacking is a popular way to travel. The name comes from the fact that you pack everything you need into a backpack. For  people who are used to checking-in two suitcases, this form of travel may be daunting. I have travelled for six weeks using a small-sized backpack.  Here are my tips:

  • Choose the right bag: When purchasing your backpack you may be overwhelmed by the number of different bags and reviews. The main questions to ask yourself are: “On average, for how many days do I travel?” If you are used to longer trips, consider buying a medium or large bag. Also ask: “Do I mainly travel in cities or in nature (hiking, camping)? 
  • Limit the amount of items you take: For me, the smaller the bag the better. It forces me to take fewer things which makes the backpack lighter on my back. If you are traveling in a city and staying in hostels, odds are most of your bag will be taken up with items like clothes, shoes, and a travel towel. If you know that you can do laundry during your trip, plan accordingly. 
  • Pack efficiently: If you are taking a lot of clothes, consider purchasing packing cubes. These cubes will keep everything organized throughout the trip. They can also be used to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate. Consider rolling up your clothes, instead of folding them, to save extra space. 
  • Place items strategically: I usually place my shoes at the bottom of the backpack, along with other items I will not need during the day. At the top of the backpack and in the front pockets, I will keep items like snacks which I may want to grab.


  • Do you pack a lot or do you travel light?
  • How else could a person travel light?