A conversation with Porsha, who speaks English and Jamaican Patois.

What is your name and what languages do you speak?

Hi, my name is Porsha and I am [of] Jamaican descent and I have been speaking Patois and English all of my life.

What is an English expression you don’t like?

An English expression that I don’t like is get over it because one should not tell somebody how to feel about a situation.

What is a word you have difficulty pronouncing?

An English word I always have a hard time saying is am-bu-lance. What is it? (Ambulance) Ambulance!

Can you teach us a word in Jamaican Patois?

Oh! My favorite expression in Patois – which is easy – is whata gwan which just means hi, how are you doing, what’s up, what are you doing?


  • What is your favorite English expression?