Nowadays it’s quite common to walk into a public space and see a sea of bright blue screens. For many, smart phones have become an integral part of everyday life. This week’s debate column explores the pros and cons of cellphone usage. What do you think?

Ditch the screen!Embrace the glow!
Cellphones have changed the way we live. The ability to get a hold of people at any moment has led to the expectation that we should be available 24 hours a day. Some keep their phone on at night, check every notification, and freak out when they run out of battery.

An additional reason to “ditch the screen” is the amount of pressure we’re putting on our necks. Few people hold their phone at eye level, prompting a majority of users to tilt their heads down. Spending too much time in this position can have serious health consequences. Also, using a phone to do everything could decrease learning.
The world has never been more connected! Smart phones have increased access to person-to-person communication, thereby allowing families and friends to keep in touch. Access to services has also improved as businesses expand onto the mobile market.

Another advantage is the role of cellphones in promoting personal growth. There is a wide assortment of apps that help users get organized, keep up with new fitness regimes, read books, listen to podcasts, or stay informed. Apart from being productive, cellphones also distract us from the daily grind, which is a necessary aspect of personal development.

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