Students are kicked out of schools for plagiarizing papers and cheating on exams. While wrong, it is more work for teachers to get parents and administration involved than to just ignore it. Are teachers overreacting about cheating?

Just Ignore ItPunishment is a Must!
Teachers are overworked as it is. They prepare lessons before class and stay after to grade papers. Adding appointments with parents and administrators in order to reprimand a student is another task to put on their plates. As the saying goes “you’re only cheating yourself.”Not only will punishing a student scare other students out of cheating, but it will also teach the student a lesson. Cheaters need to learn that they will not get away with bad behavior in school, university, or work. Let’s stop the cycle of cheating before it gets out of control.

Are teachers overreacting about cheating?

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  • How would you react as a teacher if your student were cheating? Explain.
  • List reasons why students cheat on assignments.
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Ashwini Kashyap
Ashwini Kashyap
1 year ago

1. I wouldn’t want my students to cheat but if someday I caught them cheating, I would give them warning not to cheat anymore. But if they don’t listen to me, I will ask them to leave the class and even I might flunk them deliberately.

2. List of reasons: Students want to take shortcuts
Do not want to spend time on solving assignments
They feel like it is tedious for them to solve assignments.
They might not have enough time to solve them due to heaps of assignments.