The debate on whether video games are good or bad is nearly as old as the very concept of digital gaming. While the very first video game did not cause much of a stir among parents, doctors, and educators, the first arcades and home consoles set off many debates on gaming.

What do you think – are video games worth it?

Yes, 100% worth it!No, definitely not worth it.
Video games transport players into another world! As players get lost into a game, they disconnect from stresses of daily life. As a result, they are able to relax during their free time.

For many, video games also inspire language learning, creativity, and curiosity while sharpening motor skills (think of all that hand-eye coordination!)

Players who invest in consoles and games also contribute to the livelihood of game makers, programmers, artists, and voice actors.

In a nutshell, video games are 100% worth the time and money!
Video games transport players into fake worlds! Rather than living in reality, they become absorbed in virtual worlds. They are wasting their lives away!

For many, video games cause health problems due to poor posture and extensive screen time. The fact that video games are so addicting makes this a serious problem long-term.

Players who invest in consoles and games end up with no money in their wallets because large chunks of their earnings are spent on entertainment rather than savings.

Deep down, players might regret the time and money they have spent on video games.

Are video games worth the time and money?

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  • Is it good or bad to spend time playing video games? Explain.
  • Is it good or bad to spend money on video games? Explain.