People who love pets tend to divide themselves into two camps: cat people and dog people. Although there are people who love both and those who love neither. Which one are you?

Cats are self-sufficient, easy to take care of, and not as needy as dogs. You leave out food and water, proper litter access and voila! Your cat is happy and so are you. They’re also a great pet for a homebody, as they are always nearby to keep you company.Dogs are more loyal and fun than cats! Cats are selfish and mean, while dogs are caring and loving. You can go out on runs together, play in the park, and go on car rides. Dogs will wait for you to come home and miss you when you’re gone.
Dogs and cats can keep each other company when you’re not home. The bond between them when they are brought up together is quite strong, and you’ll adore watching them play with each other.Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but both suck! They cost a lot of money, make it harder to travel, ruin furniture, and make your house smell bad. Having pets, in general, is overrated.

Cats... Dogs... Where do you stand?

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