Composting is an excellent way to lower household waste, keep organic matter out of landfills, and contribute to the growth of plants and trees. But understanding how to get started, particularly for folks who lack a large backyard, can be a daunting process. Should governments step in to make composting a free service?

Yes, composting for all!No, to each their own!
The upstart cost and learning curve for composting discourages widespread participation. Local, state, and national governments should either curb costs or provide free composting services to residents.

People should be incentivized to deposit all of their food scraps in government-supplied compost bins for biweekly collection. Municipalities would then transform the waste into compost, which once sold, would funnel back into the program.

Making composting easy, free, and convenient is exactly what we need to save the environment!
The upstart cost and learning curve for a free composting program would create havoc and confusion. Local, state, and national governments would struggle to fund and organize such a program.

People should be incentivized to take care of their own byproduct and not expect others to do it for them! Otherwise those who make little to no waste, or who already take care of their waste, would be penalized with higher taxes.

Making composting the government’s responsibility is counterproductive and will likely lead to more waste.

Should composting be a free government service?

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Kim Watkins
Kim Watkins
1 year ago

Nothing is free. It’s your project. If it’s not good enough for you to pay for it, why would you expect others to pay for it so you can feel like it’s free?

Reply to  Kim Watkins
1 year ago

Fair point Kim!

Ashwini Kashyap
Ashwini Kashyap
1 year ago

Composting should be free because it will encourage people to take part in the process of composting actively. If more and more people start composting, it’ll be beneficial for the environment and we will have a great way to tackle wastes.✌🏻

Reply to  Ashwini Kashyap
1 year ago

Great answer Ashwini! I agree with you. Everyone will ultimately benefit from a robust composting program.