Week-long breaks are common in many school systems. They give students, parents, and teachers time to relax, catch up, or enjoy seasonal activities. Arguably, the best week-long break for U.S. college students is Spring Break. This time-honored tradition is all about sunshine: think of long beach days, friends, music, and yes… beer! But as the dangers of COVID-19 continue, many are asking: should spring break be cancelled?

Yes, time to end the party!No, the party never ends!
The dangers of Spring Break are evident in every college movie on the topic: large gatherings. Whether indoors or outdoors, groups in close proximity to one another are more likely to transmit the corona virus to themselves and others.

Asking students to comply with health regulations is not a good solution to ensuring their safety. The best solution is to remove any temptation to party. That way students will not feel pressured to join gatherings.

Cancelling Spring Break would also protect businesses – not only will businesses avoid potential fines or violations if partiers get out of control, they will also protect their employees from interacting with large groups of people.

It’s not rocket science. Cancelling Spring Break is the way to go.
The ganders of Spring Break are overblown. While movies and TV shows focus on rowdy beach gatherings, most college students are responsible party goers. From digital game nights to streaming DJs, there are many ways to make Spring Break safe.

Asking students to keep studying and working without a break is not a good way to ensure their safety. Many deserve to let off steam and would benefit from spending quality time with their friends.

Cancelling Spring Break would also hurt businesses who would otherwise benefit from responsible students. Think of all of the quiet get-aways and pool-side hangouts that would help businesses bring in money.

Let’s throw in the towel. There are many ways to keep the party going.

Should Spring Break be cancelled?

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