When it comes to skincare and makeup, there are many consumers who only purchase products which are not tested on animals. Animals, however, are used to test everything from cures for diseases to shampoo. Is it necessary or unethical?

What’s the alternative?It’s unethical.
Animal testing has allowed several life-saving medications to hit the market. Due to the similarly complex bodies which animals have, research can be performed on them in order to gauge how humans will react to a substance. Animals do not have the complex thinking processes which humans have. As of now, there is no adequate alternative.Anyone who has a pet knows that animals can add a lot of value to a person’s life. Force feeding and force treating animals is cruel. As they do not have a voice, humans must help them and put an end to animal testing. Moreover, there is room for error in animal testing. There have been cases in which animals did not have a harmful reaction but humans later did.

Is Animal Testing Inhumane?

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