A game like peek-a-boo shows how easy it is to entertain a child: make a funny face and repeat the action several times to keep the child laughing. An adult, on the other hand, would probably get offended if you stuck your tongue out at them. Is life better as a child or as an adult? 

A Carefree life!Hello Independence!
You don’t have to worry about anything as a baby. Your parents react to your every cry and try everything to quiet you. As a toddler, your parents (if they have time) play with you and take you to fun places, like the playground. Sometimes you get to watch TV and eat cookies. The total lack of responsibility and overall naïveté makes childhood the most magical time.When you’re young, you rely on your parents for everything. When you’re older you become more independent. Becoming financially independent means earning your own money and choosing how you spend it. No one nags about cleaning up, as now you have your own space. Enjoying aspects of life, like romance and friendship, in a meaningful way makes this part of life most enjoyable.

Is being a child better than being an adult?

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