Education is moving more and more to online platforms. Education technology, also known as edu-tech, is a billion dollar sector. This all begs the question: what’s better traditional classroom education, or edu-tech?

An Online FutureFace to Face is Better
It’s astonishing how much you can learn when you have a device connected to the internet. You can work throughout the day and learn extra material at night. This around-the-clock availability allows life-long learning to become available to more people. For languages, in particular, edu-tech has allowed students to be connected to teachers thousands of miles away. There is also ample free material for students to study on their own.Edu-tech has made it possible for high quality education to become ubiquitous, but nothing can replace learning in a classroom setting. Having a teacher in person to guide and support you cannot be compared to having a 30 minute conversation with an online tutor. There is no chance of internet connection problems, or audio lag. Moreover, you have classmates to bond and learn with. Such camaraderie cannot be found online.

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