As the saying goes “when you gotta go, you gotta go!” But what if you are using a public toilet?

Sit back and relax!A Hard NO
The hype over public toilets being disgusting is usually overrated, especially since phones are probably a lot dirtier than toilets. This logic does not seem to appease folks, who instead focus on the number of people using public restrooms. While that’s certainly something to think about, research studies have demonstrated that the germs in most public restrooms are not particularly damaging to our health as long as basic hygiene principles are maintained. Even if you are not convinced, sitting is better than popular alternatives: (1) seat covers are environmentally wasteful; and (2) squatting can be quite uncomfortable!Why would you want to sit on top of a colony of germs? Public bathrooms, no matter how clean, are very gross. The grossness culminates on the toilet seat, which is touched by a myriad of people. There are a number of alternatives to sitting, including layering the seat with toilet paper or squatting. These precautions will ensure that you are not subject to any diseases that others might have, saving yourself (and family and friends) from an unnecessary burden. After all, germs are invisible and may linger on surfaces that appear clean but have not been properly sterilized as recommended by public health organizations.

Do you sit on public toilets?

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  • Do you avoid public restrooms? Why or why not?
  • A germaphobe is someone who is very scared of germs. Are you a germaphobe? Explain.