School uniforms play a big role in a student or parent’s life. Where do you stand on this issue?

Uniforms are great!Uniforms suck!
CostLimits the cost of multiple outfits.Uniforms are expensive.
SecurityStudent are where they are supposed to be.Strangers will know where a child attends school.
ConformityEveryone is the same.Everyone is different.
ConvenienceLess time spent getting ready.Less urgency to wash uniforms.

Are School Uniforms Necessary

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  • Which side of the debate do you agree with? Why or why not?
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Ashwini Kashyap
Ashwini Kashyap
1 year ago

I think uniform is great to have in schools and colleges as it confirms that everyone is equal and make sure that there would be no discrimination on the basis of their outfits.