In the height of lip fillers and injections, many teenagers have gone under the knife. Should teenagers be allowed to have voluntary cosmetic surgery?

No, they aren’t old enough.Yes, it’s their choice.
Young people can be easily influenced by social media and celebrity culture into thinking that their features are not good enough. Without realizing that celebrities have professionals to help their skin and makeup needs, not to mention that their photos may have been edited, teens aspire to their level of beauty. They do not realize that altering their face, either permanently or temporarily, can create a cycle of not feeling attractive enough.Teens, along with their parents, can make their own decision on how they want to look. If changing a certain feature about their face will make them significantly happier, then why should they have to wait until they are older? It will boost their confidence and allow them to stop thinking about “what-ifs”. If they are old enough to understand the risks and benefits, then they are old enough to make the decision to go forward with cosmetic surgery.

Should teens be allowed to have voluntary cosmetic surgery?

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  • Where do you stand on this issue? Explain.
  • What are some reasons for getting cosmetic surgery?
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