With climate change on the rise, it is more important than ever to change wasteful habits. In some countries, you need to pay to throw garbage away, while recycling is free. Recycling helps reduce waste, but should people be fined when they do not recycle?

Yes, the world is in crisis.No, it should be their choice.
Climate change is real and people need to change their wasteful habits. It is not difficult to separate your trash from your recycling. There is no reason not to recycle other than laziness or ignorance. A fine would encourage more people to recycle, and it could be used to fund awareness campaigns.It’s a person’s own choice whether or not they choose to recycle. Recycling is not easily accessible in some communities and it would not be fair to force a fine before recycling becomes accessible to everyone. Also, a person’s waste does not compare to the waste that large corporations produce.

Should individuals be fined for not recycling?

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  • Do you think recycling is important? Why or why not?