With countless new start-ups opening everyday, many people are faced with choosing between working for a start-up or going the more traditional route and working for a large company. Which is better?

Take a risk!Choose security!
Working at a start-up is a unique experience, one filled with hope and excitement. You often shuffle between departments and positions, depending on the size of the company. At a small company, you may be involved in marketing, content creation, and accounting. While the workload may be higher, your work is linked with the success or demise of the start-up. You may also climb the ladder faster with fewer colleagues competing for positions.There are countless advantages to working at a big company. For one, you will have a company name which others will recognize on your work history. It helps you create a more concrete career path in your field. Moreover, it will often lead to a nicer work space, as the company can afford nicer offices. In addition, your salary will most likely be higher and your benefits will be better. Lastly, there is less risk of losing your job if start funds dry up!

If you could, would work for a start up or a big company?

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  • Would you rather work at a start-up or a well established company? Why?