Would you rather teleport to any location, or time travel to any time period? Read the pro’s and con’s for each option before sharing your preference.

TeleportationTime Travel
I would rather teleport to any location! Staying in the same place bores me to tears. Teleportation would make life infinitely more interesting. As soon as I have seen all there is to see, I would zap to a new city or country.

While I could certainly hop on a train or plane anytime, traveling is pricey and is filled with delays. With teleportation, however, it would be hassle-free!
I would rather teleport to any time period! I am so curious about what happened or is about to happen. While some say that ignorance is bliss, I say that knowledge is power! I could answer many mysteries and have more knowledge than anyone.

Every day would be filled with discovery and exploration. Beyond books or movies, I would get a front row seat to major and minor historical events!

Would you rather have the ability to teleport or time travel?

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