Imagine being transported to a beach town. You are staying in a resort with a large room, buffet-style meals, and an ocean front view. When you want to dip in the water, do you go to the pool or the ocean?

Pool, please.Splendid Sea
Pools are a lot safer than the sea. There are no dangerous animals around. Some animals, like jellyfish, are nearly invisible in the sea and can be difficult to avoid. In a pool, you can stand in the shallow area or get some exercise taking. You can relax, as there are no waves coming towards you. It is the best place for a family with small children.Why be in chlorine, when you can be in sea water? Not only is it natural, but there are numerous health claims about salt water improving skin and hair. It is always fun to jump over waves, or swim underneath them. If you are lucky, you can see some small animals which connect you further to nature. The beach is the ultimate place to relax

Would you rather swim in the ocean or the pool?

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  • Do you prefer the ocean or the pool? Why?
  • Does sea-life scare you? Why or why not?