Marissa is asking her friend Bob for advice. She is considering quitting her job at the bank and going back to school. 

Marissa: I don’t know, Bob. I’m 40 years old and I’m still in a career I don’t like. If I don’t quit now, I might never quit. 

Bob: That’s true. Are you in a place financially where you can quit and be a student full-time?

Marissa: I ran the numbers. Since the program is two years, I can afford to be a full-time student. I have enough in my savings, though I will also try to find a part-time job. Who knows? The bank might let me work the evening shift. 

Bob: It seems like you have it all figured out. Why do you you need advice? 

Marissa: I’m scared. Banking is a much more secure position than art history. My plan is to finish the degree and begin working at a museum. I think I can get my foot in the door with an internship. Can you imagine it? If it all works out I could land my dream job in just a few years!

Bob: If it is your dream, you should fulfill it. Life is too short to be working in a field which drains you. 

Marissa: You’re right. I’m going to apply to the program this week and if I’m accepted, I’ll quit my full-time position at the bank. 

Bob: You’re making the right decision. I’m proud of you.


  • Why does Marissa want to quit her job at the bank?
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