Doug walks into a shoe store hoping to find a new pair of sneakers he could use at the gym. Tyler helps him. 

Tyler: Hi, welcome to Nate’s Shoe Store! Let me know if you need any help!

Doug: Hey! I think I’m just looking for now. 

Tyler: Great! 

Ten minutes later Tyler approaches Doug. 

Tyler: Are you looking for anything in particular?

Doug: Yes, I need new shoes for the gym. 

Tyler: Ok, you’re in the right section. Tell me what do you like to do at the gym? Do you lift weights or run a lot? Are you looking for a shoe which will give you a lot of support?

Doug: Yes, support is important to me. I’m looking for running shoes which I could you on the treadmill.

Tyler: Well, here is a great shoe for you. They have a really nice design and plenty of support. 

Doug: Great! Can I try on a size 10?

Tyler: Certainly. Be right back. 

Tyler brings a size 10 for Doug to try on. 

Doug: They fit really well. How much are they?

Tyler: These are $75. 

Doug: Ok, I’ll take them. Thanks for your help!

Tyler: My pleasure.


  • Do you prefer to buy shoes in person or online? Why?
  • Do you research reviews of shoes before purchasing them? Why or why not?