Melany and her husband are hosting a July 4th barbecue.

Jonathan: Hey honey… how’s the salad going?
Melany: Great! Almost done with the cucumbers.

Jonathan: That’s awesome!
Melany: Yup!

Jonathan: I think it will taste wonderful!

Jonathan: I mean all these vegetables, and… the salad dressing… great stuff!
Melany: Right… is there anything you want to tell me?

Jonathan: What? Me?! No, I don’t think so.
Melany: Jonathan! Stop beating around the bush and tell me!

Jonathan: Okay… well, you know how I set up the grill by the tree, right?
Melany: Yes…

Jonathan: Well, squirrels really seem to like that tree!
Melany: Go on…

Jonathan: Yes, so the squirrels like the tree, and Spikey likes squirrels, and the tree and grill and –
Melany: What happened?!

Jonathan: Spikey ran into the grill!
Melany: Oh no!

Jonathan: There’s hotdogs, burgers, and ketchup all over the yard!
Melany: Oh goodness! How much time do we have to clean up?

 The doorbell rings just as Jonathan and Melany think of a plan to save their barbecue before guests arrive.


Barbecues, or BBQs, are a common way Americans celebrate Independence Day (July 4th). Click here for more information.


  • What made the BBQ so messy?
  • How do you celebrate your country's independence day?
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