Karen and Philip decided to go camping this weekend. They enjoyed driving out to a nearby forest and escaping the busy city. They drove into the national park and towards the camp grounds. Since it was the middle of November, it was low-season and they seemed to be the only people there. “Let’s leave the car here and go find a place to set up camp,” said Karen.

They found a clearing in the middle of the woods and figured it was the perfect place. Two hours later, they had their tent and belongings set-up. “Want to go on a hike before the sun begins to set?,” asked Philip. “Sure, let’s leave now since it’s already 5PM.” 

The hike was exactly what Karen and Philip wanted: a calm hike surrounded by trees. “Oh, look! There is someone else in the park tonight. These footprints seem fresh,” said Karen pointing to the ground. “Wouldn’t it be fun to follow them? Maybe we’ll meet another couple and make some friends.” Philip nodded in agreement. They walked a few minutes and then came to another clearing with a cabin in the middle. “I didn’t know you were allowed to build cabins in a national park,” said Philip. “You’re not.,” replied Karen.

They heard the rustling of leaves nearby and when they looked up it was a man running towards them. “This is private property, get off my land! Go get them, Lucy.” Karen and Philip began to run when they realized that Lucy was a large German Shepherd who was getting closer to them every second. They ran and ran never stopping to look back.

When they reached their tent, they turned back to make sure they weren’t followed. They packed up their tent and went back to the car and drove to the park rangers. The park ranger, seeing how disgruntled they were, asked them to take a deep breath before they told the story. When they finished, the park ranger’s face was white. “That cabin has been abandoned for over 20 years. That man and his dog both died there in 1978.”


  • Why did the park ranger turn white when he heard the story?
  • Would you have followed footprints in the forest? Why or why not?
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