Samantha was a hoarder. She loved to organize, but could not get rid of objects that were sentimental, or items that she thought would come in handy one day. Due to this, she had piles of birthday cards, clothes she didn’t fit into, and books she had never opened. Samantha decided that today on March 19, she would start her spring cleaning. She asked her friend Marel to help her clean, since she knew she wouldn’t be able to give her items away without someone pressuring her. 

Marel arrived at 2PM and looked around at the piles of clothes in the apartment. She had her work cut out for her. “I’ve made some progress,” Samantha said pointing at an organized drawer. Of course, this drawer was filled with clothes she had not worn in decades. Marel said, “First things first, let’s divide all of your stuff into categories: clothes, books, sentimental items, and miscellaneous. This is called the KonMari method and it works!”

Since you already started with the clothes, let’s finish that category first. “Let’s take everything back out of that drawer. I know you haven’t used this shirt in awhile,” she said, holding up a pink shirt that had holes in it. Samantha frowned. This was going to be harder than she thought. 


  • Why does Samantha call Marel?
  • Are you more of a minimalist or a hoarder? Explain.
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