A year ago, I moved into a house with four complete strangers. Upon walking into the house, I noticed a big gray and white cat in the corner. “How cute,” I thought. Then, I entered the living room and saw four kittens on the couch. After the initial shock of not having been told that I would be living with nine roommates-five of them cats- I realized that it could actually be an interesting experience.

The four kittens were always ready to play. They had so much energy and were constantly craving attention which I gladly gave them. Ted, being the territorial feline that he was, naturally, grew resentful of these kittens. He was always a good cat around his mom, but as soon as she left the house, he would start hissing at the kittens and play fighting with them. The next time she left, he decided to take it up a notch and started going against the humans that denied him attention. He ripped my roommate’s mattress to shreds and scratched on all of our doors. It was getting out of hand.

Ted’s behavior caused tension between my roommates and I tried to stay in my room, away from the drama. The last week of the semester, my roommate convinced me to take care of Ted while she went on a trip for the weekend. Reluctantly, I agreed. As soon as my roommate left, Ted started crying at the top of his lungs and nothing could console him.

He continuously cried right next to the door and I realized that he wanted to go outside to the enclosed area right next to the house where my roommate would let him play. Tired of the crying, I picked him up, and opened the door to the house. As soon as I did this, Ted sprang from my arms, and before I could catch him, ran away. “Ted, Ted!,” I screamed, but of course he didn’t come back.

When my roommate came back the next day, I told her what had happened and without changing her expression she said “Ted does that all the time! He only comes back when I call for him.” “Ted!,” she called adding a whistle. In under thirty seconds, who comes out of under the house? Ted came running to his mom.


  • Why isn't the roommate nervous when she finds out Ted ran away?
  • How would you describe Ted's personality?
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