Francine was not used to being old. Even though she was 85, old by anyone’s standards, she still felt very young. She still traveled several times a year, visiting all of her grandchildren who lived in different parts of the country. Last year, Francine took a bad fall and now found it quite difficult to walk. In fact, her children suggested that Francine consider a nursing home. After a lot of resistance, Francine succumbed to the fact that she was old and could no longer live alone. She went to a nursing home one day to check it out.

This was no regular nursing home, this nursing home was modern and geared towards people who still feel young on the inside. Francine, in a wheelchair, was pushed through the doors by her friend. Both of their mouths dropped open as soon as they entered. There was a disco ball in the middle of the social room and a live DJ who was playing songs that the current generation wouldn’t recognize. Francine was shocked.

“Every night we have live music,” said the tour guide, opening the doors to the social room. Inside there were about twenty older people, many in wheelchairs, dancing and having the time of their lives. “I love this song,” said Francine. “Do you?” said the tour guide. “Let’s do some karaoke.” She handed Francine a microphone. Francine didn’t need the lyrics, as she had heard this song hundreds of times over the decades. She sang as the other residents clapped their hands. “Maybe being old isn’t as bad as they make it out to be,” thought Francine as she signed a contract to become a permanent resident at the nursing home.


  • Why does Francine like this nursing home?
  • What are nursing homes like where you live?