Group Classes

$5.00 30 minutes

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Have you been studying English for years, but still lack confidence to hold a conversation?

Our online group classes are a great way to overcome this and achieve fluency!

Relaxed and fun way to meet conversation partners Practice speaking, listening, and pronunciation Learn new vocabulary (and grammar!) Bilingual instruction available in Spanish, Portuguese, and French
No.of Students Class Time Price per Student
Small Group 5 30 min. $5

NOTE: Group sessions adapt to the interests of all participating students. Interested in a personalized experience? Sign up for a private session instead.

SKU: ENG-GRP-0909 Category: Tags: , , , , ,


How many students attend each session?
Attendance ranges from 1 to 5 students.

How long is each session?
Sessions last up to 30 minutes.

Oh no, I have to cancel! Can I reschedule?
Rescheduling is available up to 6 hours before your session’s start time.

Oh no, I have to cancel! Can I get a refund?
Cancel at least 6 hours before your session’s start time for a full refund.

How do I cancel/reschedule?
Manage appointments by logging into your Language Snaps account.

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