Both! The great thing about being a summer camp counselor is that there is no shortage of pranks! One of our more elaborate ‘escapades’ was moving peoples’ bedrooms to new locations. We would start assigning different tasks – one or two would be ‘look outs,’ at least one would distract the ‘victim’ whose belongings we wanted to move, and everyone else would focus on the move itself. Once we got the okay from the distractor we would begin moving heavy items (beds, mattresses, night stands, lamps…). Next we would add in the details (shoes, picture frames, personal effects…). Lastly we would casually lead the ‘victim’ to their new bedroom (usually a dining hall or outdoor area). For particularly elaborate pranks, including one I fell for, the ‘victim’ would not be told anything. Those were the worst! You’d find an empty room and have no idea where to find your things!