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      Language Snaps

      Take a look around you: what do you see? how do you feel? For our second prompt of the year, describe your immediate surroundings and their effect on you. Are you in a crowded space that makes you feel excited? Or in a dimly lit room that makes you feel sleepy? Wherever you are, follow the tips below and write it all down.

      Writing Tips

      • Review this vs that (far or near) and prepositions of place (on, in, at, over, under) to describe your current location.
      • Add adjectives communicate colors, textures, and sizes.
      • Describe feelings and emotions associated with your surrounding.

      Guiding Questions

      • Are you indoors or outdoors?
      • Does the space you’re occupying have a name? (I.e. bedroom, balcony, coffee shop)
      • Are there objects around you? If so, what do they look like?
      • How does the temperature, style, and color scheme of your surroundings impact your mood?
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      Example 1: My living room is airy and colorful. It has a dining area, a sofa, a television set, and a desk. The desk, where I do most of my writing, is made out of wood and metal. My laptop, writing utensils, and notebook are on the desk. There are books, knickknacks, and tapes on a shelf that hangs above the desk.

      Example 2: The feelings I get from my living room vary. When everything is neatly put away, I feel calm and focused. When the room is untidy, however, I feel stressed. Right now it is a mixture of both: somethings are put away, while others, like my dog’s toys, are all over the place. There is a fuzzy green blanket on the couch that seems cozy and inviting, and a few random items on my desk that are fun and colorful. All of this will brighten once I open the curtains: sunshine will flood over my living room until every corner, whether messy or tidy, jolts me with joy.

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