(noun) Catchphrases are catchy phrases that become associated with particular people or characters.

  • Did I do that? – Urkel from the TV show Family Matters
  • Cowabunga dude! – Michelangelo from the cartoon Ninja Turtles

Catchphrases can also be associated with a franchise or brand rather than a particular person.

  • Finish him! – from the video game Mortal Kombat
  • My Precious – from the trilogies Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit

Other times, a phrase outgrows its origins to become a meme.

  • All your base are belong to us. (Originally from an 90s arcade game)
  • Bye, Felicia. (Originally from the movie Friday, now general)

What are your favorite and least favorite catch phrases?


  • List five famous catch phrases.