Language Snaps was founded in 2018 in Miami, Florida. Our English tutoring program provides students of all levels with authentic, everyday materials and personalized instruction.

As CEO and co-founder of Language Snaps, I value safe and supportive learning environments that take into account our diversity as learners and speakers. Like many of our students, I grew up in a multilingual household. My family spoke Spanish and Swiss German at home, and English at school and work. Overtime, my dominance of each language shifted, and as a result, I encountered some limitations. The toughest one was meeting false expectations of how a language should be rather than how it comes naturally to a speaker or their community.

Becoming a language teacher and sociolinguist helped me overcome this limitation by focusing on the benefits of multilingualism, the nuances of language learning, and the ways in which language brings people together. At Language Snaps, we build on these values to create safe spaces in which students can practice English while building on what they already know. We see home languages and first languages as assets in becoming confident bilinguals and as opportunities to become empathetic listeners. We know – from personal experience – that language ability fluctuates and that no language is set in stone (or spoken in only one way!)

Learn more about Language Snaps by meeting our team, tracing our company history, or reading our teaching philosophy. You can also join our Reading Group, enroll in our classes, or check out some of my favorite snaps.