Language Snaps was founded in 2018 in Miami, Florida. Our English tutoring program accommodates diverse learning styles with authentic, everyday materials and personalized instruction.

Authentic Resources Language Snaps combines traditional tools and real-world materials (like newspaper articles, on podcasts) to create personalized content.

Specialized Curriculum Weekly assignments on reading, listening and writing improve general skills, while one-on-one conversations and custom snaps focus on your specific needs.

Individualized Instruction Tutors answer individual questions, provide feedback, and work with you on every step of the way. We even check up on you so you can stay motivated!

Flexible Scheduling Fit learning into your own schedule by choosing when to receive assignments, complete lessons, or video-chat your tutor.

Digital Community Make friends, share ideas, and grow together. Learning online doesn’t have to be lonely. Join our community today!

Our Team

Monica, Curriculum Development
Natalie, Administration
Sheldon, Technical Support