Premium Tutoring

How often will I be billed?

Private tutoring and group classes are billed at booking. You will not receive recurring charges.

What is the difference between private tutoring and group classes?

Private tutoring is a one-on-one class with just you and your tutor. Group classes will have up to five students and a tutor.

Should I choose private tutoring or group classes?

It completely depends on your learning goals! There are benefits for both types of classes. Private tutoring is designed specifically for your learning goals and interests. Group classes are better if you prefer a more relaxed setting where you can practice English with both a tutor and other students.

I signed up for tutoring. How should I prepare for class?

1. Download Zoom. 
2. Make sure your Internet connection is strong. Zoom requires a minimum speed of 1.5 mpbs. If you want to double check, you can run a free speed test

That’s it – you’re ready to meet your tutor!

Cancellation Policy

I can’t go to a class I booked. What do I do?

If you can’t make a class which you have already booked, please cancel or reschedule the class. This can be done by going to “My Account” and clicking “cancel” or “reschedule.” You can also contact your tutor directly or through any of our social media pages.

What if I cancel within 24 hours of the conversation class time?

If you don’t cancel within 24 hours or do not show up to class, you will be credited the full amount. For a refund, please cancel before 24 hours or make an arrangement with your tutor ahead of time.

Technical Issues

I tried to come to class, but I couldn’t hear or see the teacher or other students because my Internet connection was bad. What do I do?

If you are able to access the Zoom room, but your Internet connection is not strong enough for the visual or audio, please write “IT issues” into the chat box in the Zoom room. This alerts the teacher that you are trying to enter the room. After please try to restart your Internet, or move closer to the router. If you are still unable to enter the classroom, please submit a ticket and we will work with you to prevent this problem in future classes. We will not reimburse or reschedule for IT issues.

During class, the connection kept cutting out. I think my teacher was having IT issues.

n the rare circumstance that the tutor has IT issues, all affected classes are reimbursed, rescheduled, or accommodated. For example, after fixing the issue, your tutor might suggest extending class time rather than rebooking. If you agree, the class will continue as usual.