How do you prepare for airport delays? In addition to packing for your destination, it’s important to pack for the airport too. Long flights, layovers, and delays can put a dent on your trip. Preparing for the airport is the best way to make sure your vacation starts on a good note.

First, wear comfortable clothing. A great pair of shoes should give you support while standing in line, and let your feet breathe when you’re sitting. A warm sweater or jacket can keep you cozy in cold airports or flights, while a cool t-shirt underneath can make sure you’re ready for a temperature change when the plane lands.

Then take care of your belly! Bring a sandwich and snacks from home to avoid the high cost and low quality of airport food. If your flight is very long, bring extra snacks for the plane. Stay hydrated by bringing an empty water bottle and filling it up at a water fountain after security.

And finally, entertainment. Make sure you have a book, magazine, or device to pass the time. Download music or movies ahead of time, and keep chargers and headphones conveniently accessible. These actions will make the time you spend waiting a piece of cake!


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