Making a Doctor’s Appointment

Angela calls the doctor’s office to make an appointment for a physical exam. 

Mark: Hello, this is Dr. Williams’ office. How can I help you?
Angela: Hi, I was wondering if Dr. Williams is taking new patients?

M: Yes, he is.
A: Can I make an appointment for a physical exam?

M: Of course. Which day works best for you?
A: Maybe a Friday after 1PM.

M: How’s 2PM on the 25th?
A: Perfect.

M: Ok, just give me your name and date of birth to put you into the system.
A: Ok, Angela Taylor. My date of birth is April 23, 1988.

M: Ok, and has it been over a year since your last blood test?
A: Yes.

M: Ok. Do you have health insurance?
A: Yes, the policy number is 736382.

M: Great. Well, Angela, we’ll see you on Friday the 25th at 2PM.
A: Thank you! Have a great day!

M: You, too!


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