• Go home: “I’m going home after work.”
  • Go to bed: “I go to bed around 11PM.”
  • Go back: “I’m going back home soon.”


  • Go downtown: “I go to downtown for work.”
  • Go to school: “I go to school five days a week.”
  • Go to work: “I go to work from 9AM-5PM everyday.”
  • Go to a meeting: “I have to go to a lunch meeting today.”


  • Go on a trip: “I’m going on a trip to Mexico at the end of the month.”
  • Go for a run: “I try to go on runs every morning.”
  • Go abroad: “I haven’t gone abroad in five years.”
  • Go on a date: “I’m going on a date tomorrow night.”
  • Go for coffee: “Mike and I are going for coffee tomorrow.”


  • Go crazy: “She went crazy when I told her she was fired.”
  • Go missing: “Did you hear the news story about the girl who went missing?”