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NOUN A descriptive form of writing or speaking that is visual or figurative. Consider the following scenario: I would like to tell my readers that a character had a good idea. I could say:

  • Maria had a good idea.

With imagery, however, I could paint a picture instead:

  • The idea blossomed in Maria’s mind, each pedal representing yet another way she could make things work.

In the second sentence, I use the image of a blossoming flower to explain how a character has had an idea. In this case, imagery uses an image to represent something else. Consider the next sentence:

  • This was no ordinary bulb, for inside it lay the world’s most delicate orange flower.

In this second example, I use imagery to vividly describe the header image. What else could this image represent? And what are other adjectives you could use to describe it?


  • Use imagery to describe the header image.
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