• Make a cup of coffee/ make a cup of tea: “I’m going to make a cup of tea.”
  • Make the bed: “I make my bed every morning.”
  • Make noise: “My neighbors always make a lot of noise.”


  • Make a business deal: “The two companies made a business deal worth millions of dollars.”
  • Make a call: “Excuse me, I’m going to go make a call.”
  • Make money: “I made more money at my last job, but I like this one more.”
  • Make a decision: “I need to make a decision by Monday.”
  • Make a list: “I make a list of all the tasks I have everyday.”


  • Make a reservation: “I made a reservation at the restaurant for six people.”
  • Make friends: “I made a new friend at the conference today!”
  • Make plans: “Are you free to make plans this week?”
  • Make time for someone: “I’m trying to make more time for my mom. I’ve only been seeing her once a month.”


  • Make sense: “Does what I said make sense?”
  • Make a bet: “I made a bet that I could go 30 days without refined sugar.”
  • Make an observation: “Can I make an observation? It seems like your paper lacks clarity.”
  • Make an exception: “They made an exception and accepted me even though I don’t have three years of experience!”