Change entire sentences with no, not, nobody, or no one. 

  • A car has done this before → No car has done this before!
  • Someone is here → No one Nobody is here.
  • Who is going to help? Me! → Not me!


Negate infinitive verbs (to + V) with not before or after “to.” 

  • I decided to study → I decided not to study 
  • She chose to cook→ She to not cook today…
  • To be or not to be…


Negate sentences with auxiliary verbs with  not or n’t.

  • I should go → I shouldn’t go.
  • They should come → They should not come.
  • She likes him → She doesn’t like him.
  • A car has
will / is / are will not / is not / are not won’t / isn’t / aren’t
I am I am not I’m not
has / have has not / have not hasn’t / haven’t
do / does do not / does not don’t / doesn’t
can cannot can’t