The most important prepositions of time include ‘on’, ‘in’, and ‘at’.

  • For days of the week, use the preposition ‘on’.
    • On Tuesday, I will go to the gym.
  • For months and years, use the preposition ‘in’.
    • In July, I went to Hawaii.
    • In 2018, I graduated university.
  • For exact time, use ‘at’.
    • I’ll pick you up at 12:30PM.

Other important prepositions of time include:

Preposition Meaning Example
Around Could be a little earlier/later He is coming around 1PM.
Before Earlier than I’m free before noon.
By No later than I need to turn it in by midnight.
For Duration I worked on this paper for seven hours.
From Starting point I work from 9AM to 5PM.