To ask a yes or no question, always look at the verb. Ask yourself:

  • Is the verb a modal verb (ex. can, should, would)? If yes, switch the modal verb and the subject.

Adam can sing → Can Adam sing? No, he can’t.

  • Is the verb ‘to be’? If yes, switch the verb ‘to be’ and the subject.

She is dancing → Is she dancing? Yes, she is.

  • Is the verb neither a modal verb nor the verb ‘to be’? Then, insert the conjugated verb ‘do’ to the beginning of the sentence.

She dances → Does she dance? Yes, she does.

They study → Do they study? Yes, they do.

Negating Yes/No Questions

Yes/no questions are negated using ‘not’ if there speaker already has an expectation of the answer.

  • Can’t she swim? (I thought she could.)
  • Isn’t he a doctor? (I think he is.)
  • Doesn’t the dog know its name? (I assumed it did.)