Laura and Garrett are meeting at a coffeeshop in Mola. 

Garret: So, do you live here in Mola?

Laura: No, I live in a small town on the coast. It’s about three hours away from here. Have you heard of Banget?

Garret: No, I haven’t. Do you like living there?

Laura: I love it! I like small towns better than big cities. They are cleaner, safer, and the people are friendlier. Did you grow up here?

Garret: I did. I find cities more exciting than small towns. I love that there is so much to do in big cities. Do you ever get bored living in a small town? 

Laura: No. Even though it is a small town, there’s a lot to do. I go to the beach, cook for my friends, go to the market, and play sports. The sunset on the beach is incredible and there usually aren’t too many people at the beach at that time. 

Garret: That does sound nice. Since you only live three hours away from Mola, I’ll try to visit you this year. I would love to see the sunset over the ocean! 

Laura: That’d be great! Let me know.


  • What is an example of an activity that is doable in a city but not a small town?
  • What about one that is doable in a small town but not in a big city?
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