Macey is already in bed. It is only 9PM. Her three pillows and two blankets make it so that her bed is the most comfortable place she could be. Since it it is so early, Macey thinks to herself: “why don’t I just watch a quick video before falling asleep?” Watching videos before bed has become a habit of hers.

She opens the Youtube app on her phone and her eyes land on a video about ghost hunters. Macey is a believer in ghosts and all-things-paranormal. They scare her, but more importantly, they intrigue her and she finds them fascinating. She picks a video about usual ghost behavior: lights turning on, or weird noises, nothing particularly alarming.

Mildly disappointed, she turns off her phone and lies in bed. A weird feeling enters her chest. “What’s going on?” she thinks, trying to calm herself. “The video wasn’t even that scary.” Before she knows it, she realizes she cannot keep her eyes closed for longer than a few seconds before hearing the slightest noise. Every movement, every sound makes her heart beat faster. This goes on for what feels like hours until finally, after jumping at every peep, her tiredness overcomes her, and alas she falls asleep.


  • Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
  • Do you enjoy watching scary movies? Why or why not?
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