“If you take this pill, all of your anxieties and worries will be gone forever,” said the witch. The thought of living without anxiety made Haley anxious. She had become so used to being nervous that she worried about what life would be like without having a hundred questions on her mind at any given moment. She took the pill, swallowed it with water, and left the coven. 

“Tomorrow I have to give a presentation at work,” she thought. That was the entire thought, no over-thinking every detail that could go wrong. “Huh. Has it worked all ready?” The next day she woke up, feeling renewed, and dressed in her favorite outfit. That day she gave the best presentation of her career. No stuttering, no constant thinking, no wandering eyes, looking to meet the board’s eyes. There was no stopping her.

That night, she finally went out with a group of friends she hadn’t seen in years. She normally didn’t go out with friends because she would be worried that she couldn’t come up with enough small talk or be agreeable to everyone. Instead she was the life of the party. She had everyone in the group laughing. She couldn’t believe it! For years, she stayed cooped-up in her mind when she could have been living worry-free instead.


  • How does the narrator change after she takes the pill?
  • Is feeling worried sometimes necessary?
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