In the above video, writer and journalist Mirta Ojito shares her thoughts on whether Miami is a ‘literary town’ – or a town that both celebrates books and is celebrated by authors. We shared this video so you can learn more about Ojito, the author featured in this week’s reading club.

Finding Manãna, a novel, depicts Ojito’s exodus from Cuba as a teenager. It begins by discussing her childhood and her family’s aspirations to move to the United States:

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know that my family’s most cherished aspiration was to someday, somehow leave Cuba, as most of the people we knew had already done.

– Mirta Ojito, Finding Mañana

We chose this memoir for #TowardsAwareness because it is a first-person narrative that touches on several important themes: history, politics, and immigration on one side, and love, fear, and hope on the other.

Additionally, it is filled with powerful imagery that will help you become a descriptive writer and speaker. If you’re worried, check out this inspirational tweet:

We hope it will inspire you to join our meeting or pick up a copy for yourself. Meanwhile, here is more information about the book:


  • Students: How does this memoir relate to your life?
  • Teachers: What are takeaways you can apply to your teaching?