Making homemade gifts



Nothing is quite like the excitement of finding the perfect gift for your friend or family member. Around the holidays, though, the list of people you want to get a gift for might be longer than you anticipated. If you have a little less money and a little extra time (or just want to make really thoughtful gifts), consider making homemade gifts. Here are three options:

1.     Cookies: It’s a Christmas tradition in many families to bake cookies together. Consider baking your cookies a little earlier this year and placing them in a cookie tin or decorated bag. Having a variety of 2-3 types cookies is perfect. This thoughtful gift is something you don’t have to worry about not getting used, as your friend will eat them quickly!

2.     Candles: Making candles is so much easier than you would expect. In fact, making a single candle can be done in less than 15 minutes. You need to buy wax, wicks, a thermometer, and jars. You melt the wax in a double boiler, add essential oils to make it smell, raise the temperature to 140 F and then transfer the mixture to a jar which has the wick attached on the bottom. Done! A simple and thoughtful gift which is much cheaper and more eco friendly than buying candles at the store. 

3.     Bags or pouches: This is the most difficult of the three ideas, but sewing or knitting a gift is another thoughtful gift idea. Making these Christmas gifts is a great excuse to learn how to sew or knit if you’ve always wanted to. You learn a skill while making something beautiful that your friend could use.


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