One of my biggest regrets is failing Driver’s Ed so many times. I don’t know why but driving didn’t come naturally to me. By the time I got my license, most of my friends already had a car or at least borrowed their parent’s car from time to time.

The first hint that something weird was going on was the lack of celebration when I finally passed the exam. No jokes. No congratulations. No nothing. Then came the second hint: all through March my parents couldn’t stop talking about cars. They made comments during commercials, left the classifieds open, and regularly asked me my favorite make and models.

Just as I was putting two and two together they dropped a bombshell: a present so big they couldn’t even wrap it. I barely slept that night. What would my new life be like? What would it feel like to drive my own car? What color did they choose?

Long story short: they didn’t. I woke up to a toy car and a stack of blank job applications. I can still see my parents grinning with their April Fools’ Day Sign!


  • How was the author pranked?
  • Have you ever been pranked? If so, what happened?
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