One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday is at a plant nursery picking out a new plant to add to my collection. Over the years, I have learned that plants require work to keep them alive and happy. Here are some tips which have worked for me: 

  • Do your research: Every plant has specific requirements. You can usually find these requirements on a sticker attached to the pot which says how much sunlight and water it needs. If you go to a nursery, ask the gardener for advice. Then, at home, place the plant near a window accordingly. Some plants, like cacti, love direct sunlight, while other plants, like ferns, prefer low light. 
  • Repot: When you first get a plant, it comes in a nursery pot. The nursery pot is usually small and does not give the plant sufficient room to grow. Placing it in a bigger pot will help the plant thrive. Make sure to buy pots with drainage holes on the bottom for the water to come out of. If you buy a decorative pot, put rocks below the soil to act as a drainage system. 
  • Pests are inevitable: When you first get a plant, it is recommended to spray pesticide on it to keep the bugs away. In my experience, bugs are inevitable. As soon as you see them, take the plant away from the other plants and clean the leaves. Research online which disease your plant has and how to help it heal.


  • Do you have indoor plants? Why or why not?
  • Do you think plants are difficult to take care of? Explain.