Janice enjoys going on long walks. After having breakfast and drinking a cup of hot coffee, she puts on a jacket and goes to the park. The park’s entrance is usually crowded with parents, children, and pets, but the rest of the park is quite quiet.

During her walks, Janice tries to clear her mind by focusing on the trees, birds, and flowers along her path. Sometimes, when she needs a break, she sits on one of the benches along the park’s lake.

Every once in a while, she is joined by a friend. Today, for example, her friend John will be meeting her at the park. Last time he joined her they walked by the lake, but perhaps they’ll choose a different path today.

John: What do you say we walk along the lake today?

Janice: We walked that path last time. I was thinking we could walk up the hill today. 

The hill provided a beautiful view of the city below.

John: What a wonderful idea! I’ve never walked up the hill before.

They started their ascent.

Janice: How’s your family? How are the kids?

John: Everyone’s doing great. I’m going to be a grandpa again. Emily is due to have a little girl in the spring. 

Janice: Oh! How lovely! That’ll be your second grandkid, right?

John: Yes, it will. But look at you- you have four grandkids, don’t you?

Janice: And a fifth on the way! But don’t spill the beans. Krista hasn’t told too many people yet.

John: It feels like just yesterday we were at each other’s weddings. Now our kids are having kids of their own! 

Janice: Yes, time flies when you’re having fun! 

John and Janice make it to the top of the hill and take the scenery. 


  • Do you like parks? Why or why not?
  • How do you like to spend your time?