In a country known for its chocolate, cheese, and mountains lies its biggest city Zurich. In summer, Zurich has warm weather which is perfect for swimming in the river or the lake. In winter (mainly December), many Christmas markets set up giving the city a magical feel. No matter the season, here are must-see sights in Zurich. 

Walk the downtown. If you only have a few hours in Zurich, head to the main train station. Once you exit, you are on Bahnhofstrasse, a shopping district which leads to the old town. In the old town (Niederdorf), you can enjoy more shops and restaurants, as well as architecture constructed a millennium ago. This includes the two main churches Grossmünster and Fraumünster. If you continue walking you reach Bellevue which is an area which overlooks the opera and is on the lake. 

Try the world-famous chocolate. If you’re on a budget, go to a local supermarket (like Coop or Migros) and head straight to the chocolate aisle. There, you will find a great selection of delicious chocolate. If you want to splurge, head to a chocolatier, like Sprüngli or Läderach. There, you will find a large selection of truffles and bars. 

Zurich has one of the best transportation systems in the world. A day pass gives you unlimited 24 hour access to the busses and trams and even a boat and a funicular. It’s the best way to get around. 


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