Dear Language Snaps,

I just moved to a country where I don’t speak the language or know a single person. You might ask, what could have brought me to this new country and the answer is my job. When the offer presented itself, I was skeptical because I’ve never left the city I was born in! I knew it might be a risk, but I took the job and moved. Now that I’m here I feel so blue! I have no friends, and, without the language, I can’t communicate with anyone! I’ve never been so lonely in my life. The job assignment is a whole year and I’ve been here for three long months already. What should I do?



Dear Lonely,

You sure do seem lonely! You knew it was a risk when you took the job that you might be lonely. Without the language, you’re in a pickle. You should sign up for language courses and delve into the language. You should also take this time to become your own best friend- get to know yourself better. As soon as you come to terms with your new situation everything will feel better.

Sending a hug,



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